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Orange & Chocolate: warm wedding colors

Will your Wedding Day take place in autumn?

Lots of colors can be suitable; this post is focused on two warm autumnal colors: brown chocolate and orange.

You’ll have orange gerebera daisies everywhere, a bouquet like a beautiful orange pomander and beautiful orange roses petals to be spread!

You can tie some little orange balloons to your wedding car.

For your Wedding Party, you can alternate brown and orange runners and put a bowl of orange gerebera daisies, in the center of each table.

A surprise for your guests: orange confettis and candied orange zests!! Truly delicious. scorze arancia

The right wedding cake could be a double chocolate cake with orange jam.

Don’t forget your Tableau! Choose some brown and orange materials (felt, cardboard,textile fabric) to plan it and then choose the names of your tables: some recipes based on chocolate or orange: brownies, chocolate salami, chocolate muffins, chocolate buiscuits, crépes filled with chocolate, mousse au chocolat, sachertorte, risotto with shrimps and red oranges, chicken with orange sauce, cold salad of oranges and fennels, duck à l’orange, orange and ginger soup of muscles, fish with orange sauce, candied orange zests covered with chocolate, orange tarte, orange mousse with chocolate chips, orange sorbet, cream puffes filled with orange cream, orange cheesecake, orange punch and so on.
And what about showing the recipe on each table?
And above all, what about entertaining all your guest with a little cooking challenge of one of the above mentioned recipes? The restaurant has to be equiped properly for this kind of activity, it will be amazing!
The gift for yuor guests? Orange jam (the label has to be customized with your names and the date of your Big Day), or a chocolate praline kit.

But it doesn’t end here…