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Triple T for Weddings: Themes, Tables and Tableaux de Mariage

Dear Brides and Grooms to be,

planning your Big Day, you should consider the driving Theme and the decoration of the Tables. Don’t forget your  Tableau de mariage too, which can help giving your personal touch and making your Marriage really unforgettable. Always bear in mind the Three T of your Wedding Day!

It is complicated to plan the tables for a Wedding reception, so if You can arrange your Guests around one table only, put it on your thinking cap, this is my suggestion 😉
Notwithstanding, restaurants rarely give this possibility to Couples, so You should plan the reception room giving a name to the Tables and realizing a Tableau.

Just to start, how many Wedding guest will You have? How many people per table? Ok, this is a hard work: You should form well – balanced tables and put together people with similar interests (it cannot looks like long to you, but the whole day will last a lot for your guests!)

manina1 A 20% decrease in the total number of attendance can be regular.

You can choose or not a table apart for You two, guys. Once established the total number of the tables, you can turn to your Driving Theme, in order to choose a name for your tables and a related topic for your Tableau de Mariage.

General themes fit well for everyone, but you should look for the very Theme of You Two.

manina1 Both personalities must be reproduced by the driving theme, this is very very important!

Posts by posts, you’ll discover how to give a special and creative touch to your Wedding Day.

See you soon!